I am a practical visionary pursuing a world that works for all, exploring the application of the principles and tools of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to social transformation. I dream of local and global systems based on care for the needs of all life. In my work with individuals, I focus on supporting a movement towards rapid empowerment in service of the whole. In my work with organizations, I focus on creating collaborative systems and processes. In my work with multi-stakeholder groups, I focus on transcending polarization and advocating for solutions that work for everyone.

Purpose, inner freedom, nonviolence, dialogue, collaboration, interdependence, leadership, conscious use of power, and a commitment to structural change are the lenses through which I look at every moment and interaction. I think of myself as constantly destabilizing the conversational infrastructure that sustains the status quo. My deepest sources of inspiration are many feminist theoreticians, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Marshall Rosenberg, Mary Parker Follett, Genevieve Vaughan, radical economics, and the commons movement. I strive to bring together theory and practice, spiritual commitment and conceptual clarity, radical vision and practical applications, heart and mind, self and other, personal change and social transformation.

Convergent Facilitation for Israelis and Palestinians in Palestine, 2013

I teach and consult in many countries, with both individuals and organizations. I write all the time, mostly on my blog at The Fearless Heart. I published three books so far and have twelve more in various stages of readiness. I offer several free interactive calls a month on different topics, including in particular Facing Privilege, Overcoming Patriarchy, Questioning Money, and Reckoning with Collapse. In my writing as well as on the calls I invite readers and participants to grapple with the most difficult challenges we are facing, individually and collectively, to be able to lead lives of meaning and integrity, even joy, in perilous times.

Miki Kashtan