The Core Nonviolence Commitments Learning and Support Community

The Core Nonviolence Commitments
Learning and Support Community

Nonviolence is a way of being and living that orients, in thought, word, and deed, towards integrating love, truth, and courage in individual and collective action aimed at preserving what serves life and at challenging what doesn’t to transform itself so the human family can realign with life. – Miki Kashtan

The Core Nonviolence Commitments Learning and Support Community is an ongoing series of independent units or modules, each one designed to support participants in engaging, in community, with one of the 34 Core Nonviolence Commitments. Each module consists of 3 weekly teleconferences (via Zoom) of 2 hours each.

The series, facilitated by Nonviolent Communication trainers Helen Adamson and Claudia Sánchez, is for anyone who has an active interest in strengthening their commitment to nonviolence and increasing their ability to put it into practice in their day-to-day lives.
Prior experience in NVC is recommended, as it will support you in taking full advantage of the modules. If you–or we–have any questions about whether the series is likely to be a favorable match for you, we would want to dialog about it with you.

Participants who are Nonviolent Communication practitioners will likely find that deepening their engagement with the commitments will help them to connect more fully with the intentions behind the language of NVC and to integrate the consciousness that NVC points to.

We value and are committed to doing what we can to embrace and support diversity in the Learning and Support Community, and to increase its accessibility in any way we can. We welcome folks of all identities and ethnicities to join us, and will do our best to accommodate people of differing abilities. We imagine that we will not always be successful in living up to these aims, and welcome feedback and suggestions.

In order to participate, we ask that you first register for the series, at no cost. You will then receive monthly invitations to RSVP for the next upcoming module.

You are free to attend as few or as many modules as you would like. We are committed to offering the modules on a gift economy basis, and invite you to participate in contributing to this project financially for each module you attend. Read more about registration, RSVPing for individual modules and contributing to the project below.

Requirements for participating in a module

To participate in a module, and support the process of learning for all the participants, check that you are completely able and willing to fulfill these requirements before attending a module.

  • To have read the list of 34 Core Nonviolence Commitments and to want to explore your relationship with the commitment that we are focusing on in that module and to integrate it more fully in your life.
  • To have the firm intention of attending each of the 3 sessions of the module and to be present during the full 2 hours scheduled.
  • To be willing to offer and receive compassionate support, opening your heart and mind as much as you can to yourself and the other participants and recognizing how challenging it can often be to live by these commitments.

Focus of the 3 sessions of each module

  • 1st session: We’ll explore how we relate to that month’s commitment: what it means to us, what our strengths and obstacles are in our attempts to live by the commitment, what support we have or how we might seek support as we walk towards the commitment.
  • 2nd session: We’ll share mournings and celebrations in relation to putting the commitment into practice.
  • 3rd session: We’ll attend to whatever is alive in the group. A few possibilities: the trainers may take questions, offer empathetic accompaniment, or propose role plays for the purpose of practicing.

Note that on some occasions the trainers may choose to depart from the planned program if something is happening in the group that seems important to us to attend to at that time.


The sessions will mostly consist of invitations to explore out loud our relationship with the commitment that we are engaging with that month and our experiences with it. These explorations will be shared …

  • in pairs
  • in small groups
  • with half of the group and one of the trainers
  • with the large group and both trainers.

We invite / challenge all those present to try to put into practice in the sessions and in the practice groups not only the commitment of the month but any other of the other 33 commitments that could be relevant at any given time in our interactions with each other, using the sessions as a laboratory.

We encourage participants to interact with each other in pairs or small groups (which we will refer to as “home groups”) between sessions. The purpose of this is to support ongoing engagement with that month’s commitment throughout the month, in community.

Also in the interest of ongoing engagement, we will suggest a few activities to do, if you choose, after each session. You might want to share what you did and how it went with your home group.

Times and Dates

Each module of the series will take place, in turn, on the first 3 Thursdays of the month, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm CET (Central European Time), via zoom. Find your time zone

The trainers will remain on the call for an extra 10 minutes after each session, a time open to any participants who would enjoy some informal contact and the opportunity to offer us honest, purposeful, and caring feedback (see Commitment #15, Offering Feedback).

Module 1 (Commitment #1): the first 3 Thursdays of January, 2021;

Module 2 (Commitment #2): the first 3 Thursdays of February, 2021;

and so on, over the space of 3 years, finishing in January 2024.

When one of the first 3 Thursdays coincides with a major holiday, we will likely take that day off, in which case the module would finish on the fourth Thursday of the month. We will take a 1-month break every August.

Registering for the series and signing up for a module

Want to take part? You may register for the series at any time, and once you are registered, you will receive reminders inviting you to RSVP for the individual modules. The window for RSVPing up for a module will close 48 hours before the start of the first session of that module.

Note that the sessions will not be recorded, with the possible exception of short segments such as the trainers’ introduction to the commitment of the month during Session 1 of each module.

Contacting us

You can contact us with any questions at

Facilitation team

Helen Margaret Adamson
Certified NVC Trainer

Originally from Berkeley, California, I have been living near Barcelona, Spain for more than 35 years. I have been learning and practicing NVC since 2003. I started teaching NVC in 2007, and I became a Certified Trainer of NVC in 2014.

One of my aims as a trainer is to support people in trusting more and more that they matter and in relaxing into interdependence, freely offering and giving, requesting and receiving with openness and joy. I like to think that my work contributes a ‘little grain of sand,’ as we say in Spanish, to the emergence of a culture of collaboration and of care for ourselves, for each other, and for all life on our precious planet.

Before COVID-19 hit Spain in a big way, my main activity as a trainer was offering an NVC training program which I co-founded in 2013 in which participants from all over Spain and beyond come together for several residential trainings per year over the space of up to three years. I was also offering individual online mentoring sessions for people seeking certification as NVC trainers.

Currently I am only working online. I’ve expanded my mentoring offerings to include support with a variety of issues for NVC practitioners in general, rather than just certification candidates. My other main offering is this series to support people in engaging with Miki’s Core Nonviolence Commitments.

The idea for the series came to me in a flash during a morning walk in the park after lockdown let up, and I fleshed much of it out at my dining room table over the course of the rest of the morning. I am thrilled that Miki and her assistant, Isa, like the idea and are offering their support with the logistics. I’m also thrilled to have Claudia as my co-trainer. We are both excited about the series and very much looking forward to working with each other and, perhaps, with you!

You can read more about me and what I offer on my website, Compartir la CNV (mostly in Spanish, with a few pages available in English as well), or on my profile page on the CNVC website (in Spanish and English).

Claudia Patricia Sánchez Bedoya
NVC Facilitator and certification candidate

I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia. I spent almost 6 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I first had theopportunity to learn from Ronnie Hausheer NVC and then spent some seasons in Canada learning more about NVC with Angela Walkley and the NVC community there and connecting to nature. I currently live in a small village near my home town. I have been learning and practicing NVC since 2013 and I began my certification process two years ago.

My aim as a facilitator is to help people to reflect about and transform underlying paradigms of thought into the awareness that everybody’s needs matter, and of the deep voice within. As I have worked with translation and edition of texts, I have passion about language and how through language we can transform culture. I love to help people to be mindful when communicating, as a Mindfulness practitioner, I bring this to the learning spaces I facilitate plus my experience with Theory U.

I love technology and have worked with online learning for almost 4 years now, and during the pandemic all my work moved to online. I was running some courses in Bogotá with universities, companies, schools and the general public who wanted to learn about NVC. I miss the group activities that included the body and games, but am getting more used to bringing those to online spaces. I offer one on one sessions, group sessions and supported conversations for the work context and for schools. I love learning from and with youth. I am in the middle of a project where I share NVC to students in their final year, their parents and teachers.

I am very excited about offering this space for the Core Nonviolence Commitments. I first learned about them in Chile at an IIT at which Miki was one of the trainers. This year, when covid hit, we started working with my friend Fernanda Siles from Nicaragua on the commitments. We found that exploring them made a big difference: we experienced deeper levels of acceptance, inner peace, and resilience during the lockdown.

It was a magic and synchronistic coincidence when I received Helen’s invitation to come on board to co-facilitate. I am amazed how NVC and the energy of life has connected me to people like Helen and how safe and smooth it feels to co-create with her.

You can read more about me and what I offer on my website, Comunicación Plena (currently all in Spanish; I plan to make some of the content available in English as well), or on my profile page on the CNVC website (in Spanish and English).

This project is provided on a gift economy basis

We acknowledge, and want to transcend, the pattern of linking the meeting of needs to money. This is true both in the sense that people who have needs are often required to have money in order to meet them, and people who want to contribute to the meeting of needs are often required to have money to do so. We are committed to boldly venturing into a gift economy. It is a joyful leap towards offering this work as a gift to anyone who seeks it, with no “strings” attached.

Your contribution supports Helen and Claudia, this series and the infrastructure we use to sustain it such as technical work and support from Miki’s project manager Isa, and the continued possibility to offer Miki’s work and BayNVC’s programs openly, to all.

We invite you to listen into your role: If you are inspired to contribute, we thank you. If you are inspired to spread the news about this work and why you value it (e.g. sharing our this series with a friend), we thank you. This is our collective work. We are grateful for your part in it.

We want to approach money with honesty, humility, and care. It is vitally important to us that everyone can trust that we only want to receive money if it’s truly freely given, out of your desire to support something you believe in; only what you are moved to give, if you are, and only if you are able to do so without hardship, resentment or expectation.


Our estimated operative costs

We are in the process of evaluating the costs of this project. This will be updated as soon as we have this data.