Getting involved


If you are just getting acquainted with my work, join the free calls if you like interactive learning, or explore the online resources on the Fearless Heart website.
If you are ready for serious study, join the yearly Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Course, which runs for 45 weeks of interactive delving that follows the group’s and my explorations. No curriculum, so you can join any time.

Nonviolent Global Liberation

The Nonviolent Global Liberation community is my most ambitious and all-encompassing project. It includes an online community of learning, practice, and active service, self-organized activities, and several week-long immersion retreats in different parts of the world. The entire community functions on a gift economy basis and applies its own framework internally.


With organizing team for intensive eight day training in Mexico, 2018


If you’re inspired by my work and would like to offer support, here are some areas where you could help. If you have a particular skill to offer and do not see it below, contact us and let us know. We may find some creative opportunities for you.

Hosting Free Calls

I offer several different calls every month on a variety of topics. At present, these are hosted by me, and I thus handles the tech support — setting up groups, tracking who wants to speak, and a few other small tasks. I would love to have some people who could divide the calls between them each month, learn how the Maestro Conference interface works (there is a very detailed tutorial on the site), and offer this support so that I can keep my entire focus on the people and the content of the call.

Publicity, Radio shows

On the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, I shared a link to an 8-minute interview, “How You Can Truthfully Impact CHANGE, Even Through Opposition!,” that I did on KGO Radio on Jan 16, 2017, Martin Luther King day. (You can listen to it on this page of the Fearless Heart website, scrolling close to the bottom of the page.) I loved the results, and I enjoy doing interviews about these topics I care so deeply about. If you can facilitate this with your contacts, or if you know someone else who can, please contact us.

Circle of Support

Join the Circle of Support (COS) as a contribution towards making Miki’s work and experiments in gift economy more sustainable.

Learn more about the Circle of Support here, or Join Now »