My offerings

I have been gradually reducing my availability to the public over the last few years as I am doing more and more of my work within the Nonviolent Global Liberation community, which we generally refer to as NGL.

I offer a monthly free coaching call for activists.
To learn more, register, find out about upcoming calls, and have access to the recordings, visit
Nonviolent Activism for Liberation

In general, I offer three courses a year through the NVC Academy (more below).

Introductory events (and fundraisers)

In May 2022, I began a series of introductions to NGL, the sum total of my work since 1995.

Each of these events is designed to offer an intensive introduction to a specific aspect of the NGL framework, which ranges from the most internal to the most global, focusing on individual and collective liberation.

The times of these events will rotate on a four-month cycle to make them available across the globe.

Please visit this page for a list of the NGL Introductions offered to date and to see what’s coming up next.

NVC Academy courses

In 2023 I am again offering the annual “Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Call“, starting on February 3.
It lasts 45 weeks and remains open for registration for the duration of the year on a gift economy basis.

The Capacity Lens as a Path to a Post-Patriarchal Society
with Miki Kashtan and Emma Quayle
July 6 – 20, 2023

Miki Kashtan