My offerings

I have been gradually reducing my availability to the public over the last few years as I am doing more and more of my work within the Nonviolent Global Liberation community, which we generally refer to as NGL.

I offer a monthly free coaching call for activists.
To learn more, register, find out about upcoming calls, and have access to the recordings, visit
Nonviolent Activism for Liberation

In general, I offer three courses a year through the NVC Academy (more below).

Introductory events (and fundraisers)

As of May 2022, I am beginning a series of introductions to NGL, the sum total of my work since 1995.

Each of these events is designed to offer an intensive introduction to a specific aspect of the NGL framework, which ranges from the most internal to the most global, focusing on individual and collective liberation.

The times of these events will rotate on a four-month cycle to make them available across the globe.

The events so far have been:

  • Aligning Means with Ends: Nonviolence for Everyday Living” – May 15, 2022
  • Reclaiming Full Choice in Responding to Life – June 19, 2022
  • From Scarcity to Generosity: Discovering the Power of Gifting – July 17, 2022
  • Living in Integrity to Support Transparency” – August 21, 2022
  • From Avoidance or Judgment to Giving Feedback that Supports Learning” – October 16, 2022
  • “Transforming Judgements as Liberation from Suffering” – November 20, 2022
  • Liberation for All: Bringing Tenderness to Conversations about Power and Privilege – December 18, 2022
  • Needs, Impacts, and Resources: Making Decisions that Care for More of Us” – February 19, 2023
  • De-accumulation as a Path of Liberation – March 19, 2023
  • “Behavioral Anchoring: Building Systems as a Tool for Liberation” – April 16, 2023

Up next: Mediating Conflict across Power Differences
Sunday, May 21, 2023, 2 – 5 am PT / 9 – 12 UTC (local start here)

NVC Academy courses

In 2023 I will again offer the annual “Responding to the Call of Our Times: A Leadership Coaching Call“, starting on February 3. It lasts 45 weeks and remains open for registration for the duration of the year.

Intensive eight day training in Mexico, 2018

Miki Kashtan