My offerings

Free calls

Since 2014, I offer several free calls every month on a variety of topics that are all central to my work. These calls are audio only, and highly interactive. Usually there are about 40 people on each call. All calls are recorded and the recordings are available indefinitely. Each link below takes you to a page specific to that call, where you can learn more about the focus of each of the calls, register, find out about upcoming calls, have access to the recordings, and learn about additional resources for some of them.

Facing Privilege Calls

Nonviolent Activism for Liberation

Overcoming Patriarchy Calls

Questioning Money Calls

Reckoning with Collapse Calls (recordings only; calls no longer active)

Principle-Based-Teaching Coaching Calls (recordings only; calls no longer active)

The Fearless Heart Teleseminars (recordings only; calls no longer active)

Groups and Organizations

The work I do with organizations at this time is very focused on supporting organizations that are actively aiming to shift business-as-usual in their practices, moving toward full collaboration, needs-based resource flow, and a purpose that is aligned with life. The work itself includes coaching, consulting, facilitation, purpose and values alignment, system building, and customized training.  For more information about the kind of work that colleagues and I do, visit the Center for Efficient Collaboration.

Other public offerings

Most of the work I do these days is online. In addition to the free calls I do every month, I usually also offer three courses each year through NVC Academy. In addition, I am part of the provider team for several “Mobilizing for Nonviolent Global Liberation” retreats offered through the NGL Online community. All of my upcoming events, including the free calls, can be found on the BayNVC website.

Intensive eight day training in Mexico, 2018