Facing Privilege Calls

Facing Privilege Calls

From March 2015 through April 2022, Facing Privilege Conference Calls were an opportunity for people to engage with themselves and with others on the deep questions that arise as we reflect on the question of privilege.

If you are new to the exploration of privilege, we invite you to the Facing Privilege website, where you can find resources and events.

For a quick introduction to the frame used on these calls, you might want to read:

You’re Not a Bad Person: How Facing Privilege Can Be Liberating

This is a piece that we hope can help you understand and appreciate what Miki has tried to do on the calls.

Facing Privilege Call Recordings

You can access 2017 – 2022 recordings here
You can access 2016 recordings here
You can access 2015 recordings here


Miki Kashtan