Circle of Support

Circle of Support

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Goal: 200 contributors and $6,000 per month

We are currently at about 123 people and about $3,967 a month, over halfway towards that goal. Can you help us reach our goal?

With the support of the BayNVC team, I am aiming to reach the goal of 200 monthly contributors, and to have a collective commitment of $6,000 per month. This will cover enough of the ongoing expenses associated with my work to allow for expanding the gift economy approach to new areas. 

I am grateful to all who have contributed, from the smallest amount to the largest amount. My increased capacity to do the longer term work that I’ve been engaged with this year is directly related to these funds coming in. This is an amazing opportunity to support our sustainability.

Experiments in the gift paradigm

We live in societies operating within the exchange paradigm: a pattern of linking the meeting of needs to money, both in the sense that people who have needs are often required to have money in order to meet them, and people who want to contribute to the meeting of needs are often required to have money to do so. 

The Circle of Support aims to encourage, instead, the gift paradigm: a pattern of resource flow that isn’t based on individuals’ access to money. Within this, the Circle of Support acts as a baseline of steady support for my role in boldly (and so far successfully) venturing more and more into operating within a gift economy, allowing people to participate in what I offer regardless of their capacity to contribute money, and allowing people to contribute to this ongoing approach in small amounts that happily work for them.

Our largest monthly financial gift towards this economy of care is currently $500, and our smallest is $10. I treasure both!

Join the Circle of Support

Your participation, of any degree, contributes to this vision of shared responsibility and shared meaning. We invite you to listen into your heart: If you are inspired to join the Circle, we thank you.

If you are inspired to tell others about this work and why you value it (e.g. forward this email), we thank you. This is our collective work. We are grateful for your part in it. 

It is vitally important to us that everyone can trust that we only want to receive money if it’s truly freely given, out of your desire to support something you believe in; only what you are moved to give, if you are, and only if you are able to do so without hardship, resentment, or expectation.

Join the Circle of Support as a contribution towards making possible the continued and sustainable work of our dreams.

Join the Circle Now »

Donations under $10

If you would like to make a donation smaller than $10, please send a check written out to BayNVC, and sent to BayNVC, PO Box 22872, Oakland, CA 94609, with a note signifying it’s in support of Miki’s work.

One time donations

If you are inspired to make a one-time donation, we thank you. For one-time contributions, please click here and choose “Miki’s work and experiments in gift economy” as your designation.

Previous experiments in alternate economics

Curious about alternatives to our current economics? Visit Archive – Circle of Support for a full history of my experiments with the gift economy.

Miki Kashtan